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Surrey County Council has decided to close our
Village School.


The “Save Ripley School” website has a detailed description of the many actions that have led our School to face its present threat. Big lies and little lies; unsubstantiated and uncorrected erroneous assertions, and much more come together to reveal people with power abusing it with no regard for the pupils of the school.

At one point in a detailed description of all of this - well worth the read - the following summary says it all:

It's fair to say that Surrey County Council are the reason we are where we are now, and The Church of England is the reason we're not going anywhere else.

The process for managing and supporting schools has been abused in all sorts of ways and this needs to be challenged which is why the first steps towards “Judicial Review” have now been taken; the actions of the County and Diocese are being challenged.

More information how you can help (or links to it) are here.

we are working towards using Judicial Review to challenge the actions taken. This will be expensive so please contribute if you can. You can give through Just Giving or by cheque to Ripley Parish Council. The Just Giving target is less than will be needed in the end but the amount received so far is much more; please see it as a route to payment and give as generously as possible towards the potential £20,000 costs (if we lose). Thank you for supporting our school.

Ripley Primary School Campaign