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St Mary Magdalen,
Ripley, Surrey,
GU23 6AE, UK



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Giving to the Church

P lease use this form to give regularly and/or to allow us to claim Gift Aid on your donations.

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Like many organisations at present we are in the process of making sure that the way in which we handle personal data conforms to the requirements of the “General Data Protection Regulations” which are due to come into force in May. You can find up-to-date information on this on our new Privacy page.


This is a simple website for a humble but faithful parish Church. I hope you will find the immediate information you need but if anything doesn’t make sense or you can’t find the answer to your questions please feel free to call or email me.

Christopher Elson

Vicar of Ripley

Getting Going Again

For all sorts of reasons it has been hard to do long-term planning for the life of our Church over the last year but it is time that we set distractions behind us and build for the future. To that end we are making plans and would greatly value your thoughts. So if you live in Ripley - whatever the level of your involvement with our Church - please feel free to let us know what you think we can do to make life for you, your family and our community better.

In our very special village we hope that our Church can be one of the places which drives and supports community life at all times.

Any thoughts? Contact me, please.

Christopher Elson