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St Mary Magdalen,
Ripley, Surrey,
GU23 6AE, UK


Electronic Versions of our Publications:
On many Sundays we use a standard order of service appropriate to the season or theme of the service. These standard services are available below in pdf format. If you would like to use an iPad or equivalent to follow the order of service please feel free to download it.

(Some of these Orders of Service are particularly appropriate for certain times of year but they are also used at other times through the year when the particular theme is relevant to a particular Sunday)

Communion Services:
Worship for All - Preparing for Jesus (especially for Advent)
Worship for All - Celebrating God with us (especially for Christmas time)
Worship for All - Praise God Together  
Worship for All - Recognising Sin (especially for Lent)
Worship for All - Jesus is Alive! (especially for Easter time)
Worship for All - The Gift of the Spirit (For Pentecost and other occasions)
Worship for All - Praying Together - Seeking Guidance

Family Services:
Family Services are usually prepared for “one off” use - if you would like to receive a copy in advance to use at the service please email or ring the Vicar.